The above are the designs for the studio facade. It displays photos from the actual studio used to create a sense of perspective that communicates accessibility and to make visitors feel welcomed. The model in the picture is the owner of the fitness studio. 

We had the challenge of integrating the design with the urban context of Santurce Puerto Rico. Some bad graffiti artists in this region are known for painting outside the buildings and locals without authorization. The integration of graffiti in the design was a risky attempt to avoid the grafiteros to paint on the design. For our surprise, it actually worked! They didn't paint on the windows!
The final outcome:
Some of the photography by Jessica Bravo for web and print content:
Below is the first branding proposal 
(This first proposal couldn't be developed since the client was moving out from the first property and wanted a simplified logo).
Logo and photography by City Marketing Consulting Group
Graphic Design: Jessica Bravo and Ruth Díaz  
Web design for the first proposal:
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